Installing tile may appear like an easy DIY task. However, it does not take much for it to go wrong with complicated patterns or hard applications. The entire thing will be a mess once a single piece of tile is applied improperly or is misplaced slightly. Errors in tile installation are hard to cover up and repairing them will sometimes need getting rid of all the tiles and starting again.  

If you’re installing tile with special edging or complicated patterns, hiring Calgary tile contractors is always a wise move and often required. However, with so many options, it can feel overwhelming to look for the best installer.  

To help you, here are several things you have to do to find the best tile contractor: 

Ask to See Photos of Finished Projects 

You should ask a potential tile installer to see photos of finished projects. You can also look at some of their photos on their social media pages. You can easily tell the work of an excellent installer if you look closely at their completed projects.  

The tiles need to have perfectly straight grout lines and even spacing. Even if they’re on the opposite ends on the room, you’ve got to ensure that the cut tiles are the same size and the layout is balanced. Also, you should pay close attention to corners, doors, and windows since these are the hardest places to work around. You should not hire a tile contractor if their work has any ill-fitting tiles, too much grout, or huge gaps.  

Ask the Important Questions 

You can learn a lot about a potential tile contractor by asking the right questions. Here are several important questions that you can ask: 

  • Have you ever worked on projects like mine before? 
  • How many individuals will be working on the project? 
  • How much tile is required? 
  • How long will the installation take? 

Look for a Licensed Contractor 

You should always confirm that your potential contractor has current insurance, and is licensed and certified. For a professional-grade job, it is required to be a member of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA). You should also confirm if your potential contractor has training through the CTEF (Ceramic Tile Education Foundation). This foundation offers assessments and training for contractors and certifies that they’re equipped with the modern trends for a changing and growing tile industry.  

Talk to the Experts 

While you are out looking for tile, it is best to ask the showroom salespeople, designers, architects, and contractors if they know a professional tile contractor. These individuals have experience directly working with professional contractors and can recommend you to a company they trust and know.  

You can also consider asking a commercial contractor. Most of the tiles sold in the United States are purchased by commercial clients.  

Look for a Contractor with Experience 

Though it might feel enticing to employ a handyman, you should not be tempted and hire a person with at least 3 years of experience in tile installation. This should be both in wall and floor tile.